Gamers claim their brand new Xboxes are belching plumes of smoke

Maybe Microsoft should have called it the Tinderbox instead.

A day after the release of the tech giant’s long-anticipated Xbox Series X, irked gamers are posting videos of their new, $500 video-game consoles belching plumes of smoke.

Twitter is quickly filling with clips of users who all claim to be running into the same problem, with the $500 device looking more like a chimney than a video game console as it emits grey smoke out of its large cooling vent.

“I’ve only had this for a few hours and it started smoking!” one user posted on Twitter. “So pissed off! I had to hurry and unplug.”

Other users, however, claim the smoking videos are hoaxes, accusing posters of faking the problem by blowing vape smoke into the console’s cooling system to make it appear as though it caught fire.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to questions about the complaints.

Smoking consoles aren’t the only problems reportedly affecting the first batch of Xboxes, with other customers griping that their Xbox is making strange sounds or not accepting disks.

The Xbox Series X was released on Tuesday, with most customers who received their consoles on launch day having reserved them back in September.

The new Xbox comes in two versions, the Series X and the stripped down, $300 Series S  — which can only play digital games and which lacks the top-of-the-line processing power of its more expensive big brother.