Apple AirPods Pro are $55 off on Amazon — the lowest price ever

It seems like no matter where you look, people are wearing Apple AirPods.

A year ago it would have been on the streets of New York City. These days, you’re more likely to see people rocking the popular earbuds during a Zoom meeting or on a run around the neighborhood.

Whatever they’re using them for — just about everyone seems to want them.

However, while many users only have great things to say about the popular earbuds, a lot of us can’t bring ourselves to shell out $249 (plus tax) for the listening pleasure they provide.

The good news: Starting this week, Amazon is currently offering the lowest ever price on the AirPods Pros at $194 — and it’s not even Black Friday yet!

Apple AirPods Pro on sale at Amazon

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While the AirPods Pros have certainly gotten a lot of attention since they were released in Oct. 2019, many seem to think they’re worth the hype. They have up to 4.5 hours of listening time on one charge and over 24 hours of battery life using the charging case, making them great to travel with and use on the go.

They’re noise-canceling but also have a transparency mode option if you’re using them outside and want to let sounds come through for safety reasons. Or if you’re working from home and you still need to pay attention to what someone is saying to you while wearing them.

Apple AirPods Pro without case

Another added bonus? If you’re planning on using them to exercise, they’re sweat and water-resistant. They also come with small, medium and large silicon tips to completely customize the fit to your ear size.

The new Apple AirPods have become quite the high-profile product over the last year. In Nov. 2019, artist Pablo Rochat designed stickers that looked identical to AirPods and plastered them all over San Francisco to prank people as they tried to grab them up on sidewalks, manhole covers and lampposts.

Just last week, Apple released a statement saying they would replace any of their earbuds that have started making a crackling or static sound — a widespread hardware issue that may afflict any AirPods Pros made before Oct. 2020.

According to the powerhouse brand, the next AirPods generation may even have a completely different look with shorter “stems.”